Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art Deco Jewelry

Two Beautiful Original Art Deco Platinum Rings

The period in history classified as "Art Deco" technically refers to jewelry that was made in the years between 1920-1935. What's characteristic about deco jewelry is the broad angular and geometric shapes that often accompanies the outlines of a piece. Bold contrasting colors were very common such as red rubies and blue sapphires set in white metal. These metals such as white gold and platinum were most commonly used in art deco jewelry and is often adorned with intricate filigree designs carved by hand. Because of the lack of technology facets were polished into diamonds by hand, these stones are refered to as old European cut or also known as old mine cut. Some of the most beautiful examples of art deco jewelry we have seen have come from the likes of Tiffany & Company as well as Cartier, Rene Lalique, and many others.

A trend in recent modern jewelry designs has been to replicate the art deco look by designing pieces that are brand new and made to accommodate modern diamond shape trends such as the princess cut and marquise cut. This makes for a great option for those wanting a brand new ring, but still love the timeless and classic look of the art deco era.

We stock both the original and reproductions which we have found many happy homes for over the years. Art deco engagement rings are the most popular and a great way to have something original and timeless. Hand made antique jewelry is truly a work of art, and what a better way to celebrate your love than with a one of a kind hand made piece of art that can be worn everyday on your hand!